Star Wars Battlefront II Official, No Season Pass

A need to go back to “steal” the hearts of gamers after the first series of questionable quality, that is what should be done EA and DICE’s newest shooter series – Star Wars Battlefront. Regardless of the power of Frostbite Engine, which managed to capture atmospheric sci-fi franchise of this popular super well, he had severe problems in terms of content. Even a series of paid DLC offered via Season Pass also failed to improve, leaving so many unfulfilled hopes ended. However DICE seems to learn from a variety of existing criticism when developing SW: Battlefront II has finally officially announced.

Through the initial information released, EA and DICE seemed eager to make sure this second series meets the fans what they want. Of certainty the timeline that would include the initial trilogy, the sequel, and the latest Star Wars series to the presence of the single player mode that will focus on the story of Iden Versio – a commaner Inferno Squad from Imperial. For the latter, Walt Williams of Spec Ops: The Line will be responsible for the process of writing the story. But not only that offered by SW: Battlefront II.


DICE also confirmed some of the other things that had never previously predicted, such as split-screen mode (only for the console), battles in outer space, to the presence of a class system with their unique roles each class ala Battlefield multiplayer game. The existence of such Kylo hero characters Ren and Rey from the series The Force Awakens, accompany more “old” like Darth Maul and Yoda also certainly worth welcomed. Which are interesting? Is the fact that EA and DICE will throw Season Pass system for this second series. There is no longer a need to purchase a paid DLC price is equivalent to the original game for SW: Battlefront II. But unfortunately, it is unclear what kind of alternative strategies will be carried EA to gain extra money from him.

Star Wars: Battlefront II will be released on November 17, 2017, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course – the PC. Interested?

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