Star Citizen will leave DirectX

Talking about the API would go into the technical realm, true, nor did we understand fully. But almost all PC gamers seem to have a grasp of what DirectX API of Windows that is now the basis for much of the game. DirectX 11 be the minimum requirement for it, while DirectX 12 offered by Windows 10 into technology “new” continue to aggressively sold by Microsoft. But not only DirectX alone, several new APIs also surfaced, offering optimization of hardware that are not less good as Vulkan for example. API that is even enough to make Star Citizen – one exclusive game of the most anticipated PC to consider it as a focus.


This was disclosed by the developer – Robert Space Industries in his post on the official forums. Star Citizen mentions that they will menjadiakn API Vulkan as a focus in the future, and no longer interested in implementing DirectX 12 later. They mentioned that the features and performance advantages not much different from making Vulkan be a rational choice, given that he could use for users of Windows 7, 8, 10, and even Linux though. Slowly but surely, they will leave DirectX 11. DirectX 12 which is currently only available for Windows 10 will be re-considered if the data shows a significant advantage compared to Vulkan.

Apart from the development process that already takes a long time, Star Citizen itself still has no release date yet. Besides focusing API for Vulkan they are talking about today, Star Citizen also had to change their engine of CryEngine be Lumberyard some time ago. How about you? How many of you are still looking forward to this one game?

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