Persona 5 Reach 1.5 Million Copies

Hype does not always strongly associated with quality. There are a few cases where the game continuously so the talk, even for many years, apparently resulting in the quality or gaming experience disappointing. But that does not mean it always happens.


There are so many projects are also out there who managed to fulfill the promise and ambition of the developers and publishers, making every second of the wait process was appropriate. For this last matter, the game JRPG blend Atlus – Persona 5, including one of the most concrete examples. After swallowing saliva should be given a Japanese release which has been available since 2016 ago, gamers outside the region can finally enjoy its Western version release! The good news? Hype and the quality is also translated in countless sales are fantastic.

Atlus comes with information encouraging. They mention that Persona 5 is already sold no more than 1.5 million copies via a release for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 3 worldwide. Sales of the western version has contributed more than 1 million units given sales lift for the Japanese version of “only” reached 450 thousand copies. Do not stop until there alone, Atlus also still have big plans to continue to promote this one game.

Persona 5 itself is available for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 at this time. PS3 Emulator for PC – RPCS3’m trying to handle and improve them, but still find the build that is not perfect. How about you? How many of you who were immersed in the Persona 5 today?

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