Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch

What can make selling Nintendo Switch ends increasingly sold on the market? The answer is one, a game that he has to offer. Although this time she was offering rugged performance can be called not able to handle third-party games mostly, the potential of exclusive games that he could create tempting of course still counted. Nintendo just needs to be “poked” Switch with popular giant title that was released on the Nintendo platforms over the years, including for their handheld products. One of them? Of course, Monster Hunter.


Capcom has yet to confirm anything regarding Monster Hunter for Nintendo Switch, but the possibility seems to be wide open. Asked by the Wall Street Journal about the potential releases, Shintaro Kojima from Capcom only hope gamers enjoy the monster hunting game on the 3DS first. The answer did not provide unequivocal denial that seems to be a signal that Capcom Monster Hunter is planning to switch.

With the game ranks of many Japanese developer interest, the presence of Monster Hunter with fanatical fan base will certainly make the switch popularity skyrocketed, as has happened in the Nintendo 3DS. The question now is whether the presence of games like this will make the absence of these games support multi-platform become irrelevant? We’ll wait.

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