Finally, Project Scorpio Details surfaced!

Demand is increasingly heavy game console manufacturers to create a policy that they do not exist in previous generations. Absolutely, release a new iteration with more powerful performance. Sony Playstation escorted by 4 Pro, a console that is targeted to be able to run games at 4K resolution and HDR for better visualization. While on the other hand, Microsoft is ready to compete with a project they call Project Scorpio, the products are ready for the title as the most powerful console ever. After a mystery, the details finally opened.


Technical teams from Eurogamer – Digital Foundry the opportunity to visit Microsoft headquarters to deal with what Microsoft is currently being prepared. Technical expertise they provide initial insight about the ability of what is offered by Project Scorpio. Broadly speaking, there are two conclusions you can take: Microsoft deliver on the promise that had them cast specification beforehand and ensure a higher strength than the Playstation 4 Pro.

Digital Foundry also released specifications CPU, GPU, and RAM that will be carried by Project Scorpio. Improvement of up to tens of percent offered there. However, Microsoft’s hardware modifications made to the SoC they called Scorpio Engine that was the key. Optimization and better efficiency even claimed to be able to make games based on DirectX 12 to work seamlessly with half the CPU needs more rendah.Tak only that, the hardware is also designed to be able to adapt to the specific needs in the programming of the game itself.

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Which are interesting? Microsoft is also committed to ensure the Project Scorpio will also be enjoyed by gamers who still have not switched to a 4K monitor. They guarantee that the games that are released will always get supersampling process if it is played on a monitor with a lower resolution for optimal visualization.

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