Dev. renowned talking about Zelda: Breath of the Wild

You are quite follow the information about the gaming industry does not seem to be familiar about super positive reception received by the latest adventure game mixing Nintendo – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild gliding along with Nintendo Switch. Nintendo first experiment to an open-world game is over is fantastic, offering the thrill of adventure and challenge that has never existed before. But not only gamers and media who fall in love with this one game. Even the developers also difficult to hide their awe at the title of this one.

This is evident from the most recent panel discussion conducted by the gaming sites – GameInformer. Speaking with four developers like Jake Rodkin of The Walking Dead and Firewatch, Jake Kazdal of Rez & Galak-Z, Aaron Linde from Battleborn, and also Ken Levine – the brain of Bioshock, they discuss the appeal of Breath of the Wild.

All four fell in love with what is offered by Nintendo in this new series, especially in terms of design and experience offered. Focus on the design of the world which are not binding but are consistently showing you what is interesting to be explored even enough to make the fourth developer confusion about how Nintendo managed to execute a lot of things right on their first try this.

You are quite fluent in English can enjoy the four panel discussions via video above. Lasted about 40 minutes, you can understand more clearly about the appeal of Breath of the Wild, even for those who work backstage gaming industry itself. Wow!

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